Vitaly Klyachko, Ph.D.

Campus Box 8228

Washington University School of Medicine


Office Phone: 314-362-5517
Lab Phone: 314-362-5518
FAX: 314-362-2244


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Our research is centered on investigating the mechanisms and regulation of synaptic transmission in healthy and disease conditions. We are particularly focusing on the activity-dependent processes in presynaptic terminals and their role in  synaptic plasticity and information processing. Our goal is to  link deregulation in synaptic function and plasticity with the impairments in information processing in neurodevelopmental disorders  such as Fragile X Syndrome and autism. We combine a wide range of biophysical techniques, including nanoscale-resolution imaging, electrophysiology and computational approaches to examine synaptic function and dysfunction at molecular, cellular and circuit levels.

Our lab is currently looking for a new postdoc, please contact for more information